Release Day!

Photo: Gladys White, Bits of Magic Image Studio

My debut novel Beginning’s End is officially released today, and I just have to share some thoughts. I’m thrilled and grateful and still can’t quite believe it, to be honest … even after months and months of work. Thinking back on when I first started writing the story, to the queries and rejections, re-writes and more queries, it’s been such a journey. A long long road, with bits of frustration and triumph, that was absolutely worth the ride. Today is indeed a dream coming true!

I hope you choose to read my novel, and I’d love a review if you do. Overall, I hope you enjoy the adventures of my characters through Ireland. I had so much fun writing it and picturing all the places they visit. I’ve been to and fallen in love with each location, making the scenes all the more special to me.

Think I’ll head out to some bookstores and see if I can hold a copy in my hand…

Have a wonderful day, all~


Time to Celebrate

To celebrate the publishing of my first novel, my good friend and wonderful photographer Gladys White Scott of Bits of Magic Image Studio took some new photos and headshots to help freshen up my collection. We also made it a bit of a party, because why not?

Here are some results of that exciting and fun-filled day:

-The setting

– Time to get the celebration started! –

– Two different looks… –

– This certainly is a dream coming true… –

Beginning’s End

Amelia & Kathleen – best friends FINALLY returning to Ireland. Quaint small towns, cider, sheep. What could go wrong?

Find out Oct. 26! Beginning’s End – on sale 10/26/21.

UPDATE: E-book versions will be available October 26, 2021. The print version will now be available January 4, 2022 – in time to ring in a new year!

See below for e-book purchase links:


A huge source of inspiration for me was a wonderful restaurant nestled in the Wicklow Mountains called the Wicklow Heather. The food is wonderful, the ambience magical with dark wood lit by candlelight. And then there’s the Writer’s Room filled with hundreds of books, including first editions of James Joyce, as well as a whiskey tasting bar. Every writer (and anyone who just wants to visit a great place) should make a trip.

So inspired by the masters…

I can just picture myself sitting here and writing, sipping whiskey…

How could I not share the food? Can you say Bailey’s cheesecake…

Hello & Welcome~

Hi there! Welcome to my new website, and my first post! I’m excited to introduce myself and my writing, and I’ll start by saying how excited I am that my first novel, Beginning’s End, is currently in the process of publication and will be released this fall. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now. I started writing it in 2014, went through a few revisions after feedback from beta readers, and finally started querying. Talk about a journey! From silence to blanket rejection to constructive feedback but still, ultimately, rejection. Let’s just say it’s been a road. One that, the more I read and reach out to other writers, I’d say just about every other writer has walked as well. Maybe if the process was quick and easy, it wouldn’t be as sweet.

Hopefully my thoughts and struggles (and triumphs!) can help others. I overall just love writing and creating stories, novel-length to super short (ever heard of #sixwordstory and #vss365?). I’d love to connect and share stories, encouragement, laughs.

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Other Writings

Another great way to keep the creative juices flowing is to create a scene for various pictures. Here are some of those:

Photo Credit: Luke Agbaimoni

It was the longest walk he’d ever taken.

Once he exited the station, she would be there with the news. Good or bad.

Who could blame him for taking a few extra minutes? Taking in this view, just as he was, one last time…

Photo Credit: Luke Agbaimoni

She stood alone, leaning against the lamp post. Anyone seeing her might think her lonely. Not so. She enjoyed the bit of reprieve. All he’d said over the phone was that he could help, whoever “he” was. And why this place? Why THIS station…