So excited to announce the release of my debut novel, Beginning’s End. This is the first book of a trilogy, set between Ireland and San Francisco. It’s been quite the journey, from writing the first word to making the final edit, and I wouldn’t trade any of the steps. Follow Amelia and her best friend Kathleen as they traverse Ireland’s, and life’s, ups and downs.

Amelia & Kathleen – best friends FINALLY returning to Ireland. Quaint small towns, cider, sheep. What could go wrong?

Beginning’s End

On sale NOW

See below for purchase links:

What better way to travel than with music? Check out the Beginning’s End playlist on Spotify, and get a sneak peek at the trip CD Amelia makes for their adventures around Ireland.

“One day, one night, one moment.

My dreams could be, tomorrow.”

– Enya, “book of days”

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