Release Day!

Photo: Gladys White, Bits of Magic Image Studio

My debut novel Beginning’s End is officially released today, and I just have to share some thoughts. I’m thrilled and grateful and still can’t quite believe it, to be honest … even after months and months of work. Thinking back on when I first started writing the story, to the queries and rejections, re-writes and more queries, it’s been such a journey. A long long road, with bits of frustration and triumph, that was absolutely worth the ride. Today is indeed a dream coming true!

I hope you choose to read my novel, and I’d love a review if you do. Overall, I hope you enjoy the adventures of my characters through Ireland. I had so much fun writing it and picturing all the places they visit. I’ve been to and fallen in love with each location, making the scenes all the more special to me.

Think I’ll head out to some bookstores and see if I can hold a copy in my hand…

Have a wonderful day, all~


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