Hello & Welcome~

Hi there! Welcome to my new website, and my first post! I’m excited to introduce myself and my writing, and I’ll start by saying how excited I am that my first novel, Beginning’s End, is currently in the process of publication and will be released this fall. I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now. I started writing it in 2014, went through a few revisions after feedback from beta readers, and finally started querying. Talk about a journey! From silence to blanket rejection to constructive feedback but still, ultimately, rejection. Let’s just say it’s been a road. One that, the more I read and reach out to other writers, I’d say just about every other writer has walked as well. Maybe if the process was quick and easy, it wouldn’t be as sweet.

Hopefully my thoughts and struggles (and triumphs!) can help others. I overall just love writing and creating stories, novel-length to super short (ever heard of #sixwordstory and #vss365?). I’d love to connect and share stories, encouragement, laughs.

#writing #amwriting #amwritingfiction #zerotohero

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